April 4, 2016



If you own a business, marrying your personal real estate investment goals with the space needs of your company can be a recipe for a failed relationship. Sometimes it can work out famously, but when taking all of the necessary factors into consideration in most case...

September 4, 2015

Have you ever frustrated someone on the other side of a negotiation to the point where they no loner want to deal with you? I can't think of anyone who hasn't at some point in their lives. We're human and sometimes get too emotionally involved in a deal or bogged down...

March 30, 2015


Unknowingly many landlords have and are damaging their own reputation. Big or small, if you’re a landlord and you care about reducing time on market for your vacant spaces, in other words make sales happen faster and bring more money into your company then here’s an i...

March 11, 2015


There is the odd occasion when someone loses sight of what matters - working in the real estate trenches can teach you that. Recently there were two separate such occasions where lawyers, hired to help close a deal by my clients over stepped their boundaries by making...

February 12, 2015

Dear friends,

In recent years the rise of T-MAD (Taj Mahal Attachment Disorder) has climbed to alarming levels in our society. It's a silent and debilitating affliction that has hurt so many both emotionally and financially. For far too long T-MAD has been swept under t...

January 23, 2015


Are you in the market or on the market? That is the question. It's a question that I pose to my clients all the time. I may have even put you on the spot and you didn't know it. Sometimes people think or try to give the impression that they are in, but they're not eve...

December 10, 2014












So often I hear prospective tenants ask about inducements. They say "I've heard that Landlords will pay for my business with free rent and free money."  Or there's a story about how "my friend got so many months for free." As if to say that landlords are wil...

September 29, 2014













6 Simple Tips To Help You Make a Better Decision


Often I hear the comment that "we would like to have room to grow" and a that a "long term commitment gives us the feeling that we're stuck." Some people seem to be adverse - at least before they really think...

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